7 Semper's markets Our absolute largest market is Sweden, but within Semper AB we also sell products to our subsidiaries in Finland, Denmark and Norway. Outside the Nordics, we export to countries within the Hero group such as the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Egypt and China. We also export to other companies in countries such as Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The retail market is our biggest customer, but we also sell to pharmacies, hospitals, the service trade, larger department stores and other food manufacturers. Good food early At Semper, we have experience and extensive knowledge of good and tasty food. We have earned the trust of consumers by developing and manufacturing appreciated and good food for both babies and toddlers for generations. In our comprehensive range, we o“er milk-cereal drinks, porridge, vegetable and fruit purees as well as baby food meals and snacks. During the year, we have continued to develop products that are good for people and good for the planet, inspired by the EAT-Lancet report. We have also expanded the information about sustainable food on our website and published new recipes. The range and quality of our products have made us market leader in the Nordics for baby food. Good nutrition from the start We have built up knowledge about health and nutrition right from the start and have been meticulous in applying this since the very first infant formula was presented in 1948. Even today, we collaborate with nutrition experts and paediatricians. In addition to formula, our range also includes nutritional supplements, stomach health products with bacterial culture and dairy-free cereal drinks and porridge. Tasty porridge and milk cereal Semper has been the market leader in porridge and milk-cereal drinks for decades. Our recipes are constantly updated and we fine-tune them according to new research findings and recommendations. The grains we use are of high quality and come from selected areas in Sweden. During the year, we entered into a partnership with our grain supplier, which means that we contribute to a more sustainable agriculture. All the milk we use comes from Swedish farms. Great and gluten-free We are proud of the wide selection foods that have earned our customers’ trust. Regardless of whether you have celiac disease, or have chosen to avoid gluten for other reasons, you can live a good gluten-free life. Since 1991, we have o“ered gluten-free food and built up knowledge about what it means to live with celiac disease. We are also constantly extending our range with gluten-free low-FODMAP products. The range includes bread, crackers, pasta, cakes and breakfast cereals as well as cake and bread mixes. Semper is the clear market leader in the gluten-free market in the Nordics. Energy on the go Semper sells bars and smoothies under the Corny brand and is the market leader in bars in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Our Corny bars are available in several flavors such as chocolate, salted caramel and brownie. Oy Semper Ab (Finland) Semper AS (Norway) Semper Danmark ApS (Denmark) The Parent Company is Semper AB, whose headquarters are located at the following visitor's address: Löfströms allé 5, 172 22 Sundbyberg, Sweden Semper AB is 100 % owned by Hero España SA AOH Nahrungsmittel GmbH & Co.KG Hero AG Our company structure