Distribution of sales at Semper AB Sweden 54 % Denmark 12 % Finland 10 % Norway 4 % Other 20 % = 100 % About Semper Semper is the Nordic region's leading company in baby food, gluten-free foods and cereal bars. The company was founded in 1939 and has since 2006 been part of the international food group Hero, which is owned by the Oetker family. With its headquarters in Switzerland, the group has just over 4,100 employees in 20 countries. At Semper, we have 330 employees working in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Our facility for the production of porridge, cereal drinks, infant formula, follow-on formula, grow up milk, specialty products and gluten-free mixes is located in Götene. In Korsnäs, you will find our gluten-free crispbread bakery that produces many di“erent types of crispbread. Semper's baby food meals, vegetable and fruit purees and snacks in glass jars and pouches are developed together with our sister company Hero in Spain, where they are then manufactured. Gluten-free cookies and biscuits, soft bread, as well as our pasta products are manufactured in close cooperation with various suppliers in Europe. Semper also sells bars under the name Corny, which are produced by our sister company in Germany. 6 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 Sweden 1 1 1 Finland Norway Denmark – Baby food Our market positions Cereal bars Gluten-free