For any questions relating to Semper’s sustainability report, please contact: Marleen van der Wende, Sustainability Manager, email This sustainability report for Semper AB refers to the financial year 2022. The report covers Semper AB in Sweden (org. no. 556037-5668), which includes the two production facilities in Götene and Korsnäs, as well as the subsidiaries Semper AS (Norway), Oy Semper Ab (Finland) and Semper ApS (Denmark). We have also included information about other products and brands in our range, such as baby food and bars, produced by sister companies in Spain and Germany respectively. The purpose and goal of the report is to transparently account for Semper's strategies, goals, visions, risks and opportunities. We want to show how we as a food company can develop and contribute to sustainable development. The report focuses mainly on environmental, nutritional and social issues. This Sustainability Report is part of the annual financial report for the period 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2022. ABOUT THIS REPORT