43 *The materiality analysis is updated every year. During 2022 our update has been made through the methods indicated with a star. STAKEHOLDER Employees Owners Customers Consumers Competitors Suppliers Authorities Municipalities & regions Universities & colleges Advocacy groups Trade associations COMMUNICATION & RESEARCH Questionnaires* Interviews Workshops Dialogue/conversation* Workshops* Information meetings* Information documents* Dialogue/conversation* Reports* Information meetings Questionnaires Questionnaires Dialogue/conversations Consumer contact* Social media* Reports* Dialogue/conversation* Reports* Partnership* Information meetings* Inspection meetings* Information meetings* Inspection meetings* Scientific meetings* Tutoring* Project collaborations* Information meetings* Reports* Committee activities* THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES Energy & water efficient production Waste Environmentally friendly transport Climate Economic sustainability Business ethics Climate Packaging Sustainable value chain Packaging Waste Climate Climate Packaging Energy & water efficient production Climate Sustainable agriculture Sustainable value chain Climate Waste Packaging Quality & safety Foreign substances Health Nutrition & health Innovation Sustainable products Sustainable products Nutrition & health Animal health Waste Packaging Sustainable value chain