8 Business model Our mission Semper and Hero have a common mission: “We delight consumers by conserving the goodness of nature“ High quality and safe raw materials are needed to be able to develop good, safe and nutritious food. In order for us to fulfill our mission in the long term, it is also required that we act sustainably to protect the goodness of nature for future generations. We have a commitment to preserve the earth's resources and leave as little footprint as possible behind us. Management and organisation During the year, in connection with a change to a category-driven organisation, the commercial mission for Semper's management team was further clarified. Henceforth, mainly commercial strategic issues will be decided in this team. The management team consists of the respective person responsible for the commercial departments as well as Hero group's R&D Category and Sustain- ability Director. The supply operations are mostly part of the global organisation, however, since 2022 the function Logistics and Demand planning and S&OP Director is included in Semper's commercial management team. The respective department managers, who are either located in the Nordic region or within the global organisation, are responsible for the day-to-day operations. Semper's management system is certified according to ISO 9001. Within the group's companies in Europe there are three clusters. Semper AB is part of the northern cluster together with the companies in Great Britain and the Netherlands. Jim Frandsen is head of the northern cluster. This report describes Semper's sustain- ability work, and is a supplement to our financial annual report. Semper's main market is the Nordic region, where we are the market leader in baby food, gluten-free and cereal bars. Semper has a wide range and we develop, prepare and market baby food, gluten-free foods, bars and specialty products in the field of nutrition. Our sustainability strategy Semper and Hero Group’s sustainability strategy serves as our guide in day-to-day operations and as part of our aim to continuously improve. Our operations are to contribute to sustainable development and sustainability initiatives are to be integrated into operations and yield concrete results – this is our winning strategy. Operating our business in a responsible manner is vital in terms of both short and long-term success. Our strategy means that: A sustainable development throughout our entire value chain is something we strive for. Using our extensive expertise, we continuously develop new products in a sustainable way, to improve nutritional content and foster confidence among our consumers. Food safety at Semper is not only important – but absolutely vital to us. We ensure our long-term survival by making sure that our primary stakeholders are satisfied. We continuously evaluate our sustainability initiatives to identify operational areas that need improvement. The environmental policy at the production plant illustrates and focuses on significant environmental parameters that constitute an important part of our sustainability initiatives. Our sustainability strategy has a direct link to our quality policy, which ensures that the various parts of the company find and maintain a consensus. It is also a prerequisite of our ability to develop and improve the Semper organisation.