37 A positive working climate In 2022, our values have served as a guide for everything we do and in 2023 we will continue to follow them. With these values as guiding stars, we have conducted workshops during the year, facilitating in-depth collaboration between the various departments. As a celebration of good work during the year, awards were handed out during the Christmas party to colleagues who made special e“orts in line with the values. We call these awards Value Awards. Our Code of Conduct covers issues such as employee safety, the right to equal opportunities and union membership and is an important part of our business. We also have a policy that deals with work adaptation and rehabilitation, as well as alcohol and drugs. Our policy dealing with victimization and discrimination means zero tolerance for actions that exclude individual employees or groups from the workplace community, or that subject them to abusive treatment or disrespect. We prioritise and act immediately on questions that arise in this area and have done so during the year. Semper has high ambitions for the well-being of our employees and we do our best to ensure that unreasonable performance require- ments or an inadequate work environment do not occur and lead to stress and dissatisfaction. We work according to a hybrid model where employees who wish, and the work situation allows, have the opportunity to work from home 40 % of their working time. In order to facilitate a good flow of information and ensure that employees meet each other in the o†ce, the respective head of department has set up fixed times for when everyone in the department shall be present in the o†ce. Through employee surveys, we follow up on leadership issues, employee engage- ment and how employees enjoy their work, because it is very important to us. Training Training is a continuous focus area within Semper, both to ensure that our way of working leads to high-quality products in a safe working environment, and to give employees prerequisites to be able to lead their work groups well. We focus on the opportunity to learn from each other in the workplace and also o“er an e-learning portal where employees can train online in important areas such as food safety, data security, purchasing, environmental issues and anti-corruption. Preventive work Semper's personnel policy is available to everyone in a work environment handbook, which is updated annually, as well as through guidelines and policies that are available on our intranet. Work environment and labor legislation guides us in everything we do. We continue our persistent and proactive work to reduce accidents, injuries and illness at the company. Semper collaborates with occupational health care to enable rapid counseling and rehabilitation for work-related issues. Through a wellness allowance, employees are o“ered the opportunity to invest in their well-being. Semper o“ers all employees the possibility to take out group health insurance. Semper's employees Semper's employees are the most important thing we have to achieve our high goals in terms of quality and safety.