Our sustainability goals Climate positive We want to give back more to nature than we take and therefore work continuously with improvements in our supply chain, our production and our products. 0 % palm oil 2025 As it is difficult to buy palm oil that is with full guarantee sustainably grown, we choose to market only products free from palm oil by 2025. 100 % recyclable packaging 2025 We actively work towards ensuring that all packaging material can be recycled into new packaging or other items. We continuously increase the amount of recycled material (such as glass and paper fibers) in our packaging. Our goal is that at least 50% of the material in packaging is recycled by 2025. 0 % food waste 2025 Our products must reach our consumers without any waste in the production, storage or distribution stage. If waste occurs, we make sure it gets a destination with the least possible environmental impact, such as the production of animal feed or biogas. Net Neutral Production 2030 We work towards fossil-free production and transport, sustainable water use and complete recycling of our waste streams. Healthy products for people and planet 2025 We develop a product line for children that is healthy for both children and the planet, based on the results of scientific studies. 14