34 Our products Sustainability is integrated in our product development. On this page we write about different products that we launched in 2022. Certified fish The fish in Semper's baby food is wild caught or farmed depending on the type of fish and it is always certified to ensure sustainable fishing. Often good after best before date A study carried out in 2018 by the European Commission shows that up to 10 % of food waste in Europe can be traced to date labeling of products. During the past year, we there- fore decided to take responsibility for the food waste that can occur after a gluten-free product has left our warehouse, by phasing in a new labeling of the products with the text "Often good after best before date. Reduce waste: look, smell and taste”. As a consumer, you can trust that Semper's gluten-free products are of good quality at the best-before date. Often they are also good and fully edible even after that. By looking, smelling and tasting, you can assess whether the food is good even after the best-before date has passed. We also give tips on our website about how, for example, a crisp bread that has become a little soft can be made crispy again. Eggs from cage-free hens We always use free-range eggs or barn eggs in products that contain eggs. Corny 0 % added sugar In 2022, Corny muesli bars without added sugar were launched. This bar is the right choice for anyone who wants to eat a snack with a lower calorie content but never wants to compromise on taste. The product contains 33 % whole grain and the chocolate is Rainforest Alliance certified. Less sweet We have launched multigrain porridge with a lower fruit content in a pouch. The products are less sweet, which contributes to building a broader taste palette in our range of food.