31 Nutrition At Semper we know nutrition and its impact on health. Nutritious and good food is important for all of us to feel good. For some of us, food needs to be more than that. Some need to assess their diet in more detail to avoid gastrointestinal distress. For them, we o“er a gluten-free selection and certified low-FODMAP products. Finding grain-based foods that do not contain gluten can be di†cult. Semper wants to make it easier for those who want to enjoy good food and vary their diet - even if it shall not contain gluten. Our gluten-free products are similar to foods with gluten. We o“er, among other things, bread, baking mixes, pasta, breakfast cereals and biscuits without gluten - products that others take for granted. Certified for better gut health Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder of the gastro intestinal tract characterised by complaints such as gas, bloating, pain, consti- pation and/or diarrhea. The symptoms can be alleviated through lifestyle changes and a changed diet, and it has been shown to be effective to avoid foods that contain fermentable carbohydrates (so-called FODMAPs) that cannot be digested in the large intestine but are instead fermented by the intestinal flora, which can cause stomach problems. During the year, Semper has certified more products which are labeled with the green FODMAP Friendly logo. A complete overview is available on Semper's website. The certified products are also green-marked in an app called Belly-Balance, which is used by many people with gastrointestinal problems. About celiac disease Celiac disease is sometimes also referred to as gluten intolerance, but this is a misleading term because celiac disease is an autoimmune disease and not an intolerance. Today, it is estimated that 1-2 % of the world's population has celiac disease. Celiac disease means that the lining of the small intestine is damaged by gluten, which means that the body cannot properly absorb and assimilate vital nutrients. Gluten is a protein found naturally in wheat, barley and rye. People with celiac disease must maintain a gluten-free diet for life to reduce the risk of symptoms and complications such as nutritional deficiencies. Semper is certified according to the AOECS (Association of European Celiac Societies) Standard, a standard that describes how we shall ensure that our products are gluten-free. Companies that are certified can use the so-called crossed-grain symbol so that consumers can feel safe when buying a gluten-free product.