3 During 2022, our work has continued to be focused on doing good for people and planet. We contribute with expertise in nutrition and with the ambition to always give back more to nature than we take. We strongly believe that both what we eat and how we grow and produce it can contribute significantly to a reduction in global warming, as well as to increased biodiversity. In 2022, we have seen the food system being included more and more in discussions and decisions at important global meetings such as the Climate and Biodiversity Summits, COP27 and COP15. In the Nordics, sustainability aspects will be included in the updated Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. There are many benefits to loving and eating more of the food that is around us and finding plant-based proteins that complete our meals. We develop products and help parents create eating habits that lay the foundation for good health later in life. The result of the OTIS study, which Semper was part of, has led to the publication of new baby food recipes with planetary health in focus on our website. We continue to help families setting the dining table with more plant-based meals inspired by Nordic ingredients. We have continued our cooperation with Nordic suppliers who work actively with various projects to reduce emissions. In our production facilities, we continuously work with energy e†ciency, we minimise waste streams and optimise production. During 2022, we have also entered into an exciting partnership with Lantmännen, which we are very proud of. We are now part of the Climate and Nature program, where our annual volume of oats, wheat and rye for milk-cereal drinks and porridge will be grown sustainably. This leads to 50 % less climate impact of the grain and a positive impact on biodiversity. The past year has been challenging for us at Semper. Consequences of the geopolitical situation led to high energy prices and raw material shortages. For our part, this led to an increased focus on e†ciency - which is an advantage for the environment. We are aware that our employees are the key to success for the company and for our sustainability work. Ensuring the supply of safe baby food and gluten-free products under the conditions prevailing in the outside world has been a challenge for every- one. During 2022, we have also gone through a reorganisation. All change – even that which leads to improvement – requires strength and commitment. I am proud and grateful for how the sta“ have tackled 2022 – with hard work and mutual support. During the year we have donated to UNHCR to support their tireless work to help vulnerable people. For us, it is important to give our support so that food, blankets and shelter reach refugees or people in disaster areas. Despite the instability of the outside world, we have maintained our focus on becoming more sustainable with each passing year. Our sustainability strategy is supported by four pillars: Purchasing, Production, Products and People. A strategy that doesn't change when the world sways. At Semper, we work hard to supply the market with food products that are good for both people and the planet – regardless of the challenges and circumstances prevailing in the world. Responsibility for the impact of the food system Jim Frandsen, CEO Semper AB