28 Food safety and quality Safe food of high quality is of utmost importance to us. This is how we ensure it for our consumers. At Semper, we know how important it is that children - and adults – have access to both nutritious and good food. Everyone should feel safe when choosing Semper's food. Food safety is one of our most important focus areas. As people with celiac disease can experience gastrointestinal distress if gluten finds its way into their diet, it is our responsibility to ensure that all our products aimed for them are safe. Safety work is particularly important around our baby food because infants and young children are more easily harmed than adults by unwanted substances such as mold toxins, heavy metals and pesticides. To avoid unnecessary stress on their little bodies, we have rigorous controls throughout the production of our baby food. Certification Semper's quality policy is the basis for all work within the company. Semper's facilities in Götene and in Korsnäs are certified according to Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000, an international standard for managing food safety and quality. A certification according to FSSC 22000 clearly shows that Semper has a proactive strategy in food safety. The quality work is based on a comprehensive system that governs, among other things, work and cleaning routines, controls, sampling, maintenance work and production planning. If something does happen and a non-compliant product has left our warehouse, there is a recall plan that is used to recall the a“ected product from the market and inform customers, consumers, healthcare and the media. The FSSC Standard is globally accepted and enables quality communication on an international market. Semper is also certified according to the AOECS (Association of European Celiac Societies) Standard, a standard that describes how we ensure that our products are gluten-free. In addition to our company and production certifications, we also ensure the quality of specific products in our range via, for example, EU organic and KRAV certification as well as ASC and MSC fish certification. Semper is certified according to the ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and AOECS Standards.