LEAVE SPÄNNELEMENT sid. 54 - 55 LEAVE CP12 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 54 LEAVE CP30 STOPP sid 54 LEAVE CP29 STOPP sid 54 LEAVE CP13 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 54 LEAVE CP11 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 54 LEAVE CP22 T-SPÅRSSPÄNNARE sid 55 LEAVE CP23 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 54 7 INNEHÅLLSFÖRTECKNING COSMEC DUALBLOK sid. 56 - 57 OK-VISE SPÄNNELEMENT - MULTI-RAIL - ELEKTRIFIERAT SYSTEM sid. 58 - 61 COSMEC SERIE LL SLÄTA BACKAR sid 56 COSMEC SERIE PP 2 STIFT sid 56 OK-VISE ELVA ELEKTIFIERA UPPSPÄNNING sid 61 COSMEC SERIE DD TANDADE BACKAR sid 56 OK-VISE MULTI-RAIL SYSTEM sid 60 COSMEC SERIE ZZ RÄFFLADE BACKAR sid 56 OK-VISE SPÄNNELEMENT sid 58 - 59 COSMEC SERIE UU 1 GRIPPER sid 56 COSMEC SERIE BB 2 OSCILLERANDE sid 57 COSMEC SERIE BB 1 OSCILLERANDE sid 57 COSMEC SERIE UU 2 GRIPPERS sid 56 COSMEC SERIE GG OREGELBUNDNA YTOR sid 57 COSMEC SERIE F SOFT JAW sid 57 COSMEC SERIE FF GÄNGADE HÅL sid 57 COSMEC SERIE WW HORISONTELL V-BACK sid 57 LEAVE CP38 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 55 LEAVE CP40 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 55 LEAVE CP39 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 55 LEAVE CP31 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 55 LEAVE CP34 STOPP sid 55 LEAVE CP33 SPÄNNELEMENT sid 55 LEAVE CP32 STOPP sid 55 COSMEC SERIE VV VERTIKAL VBACK sid 57 The Worlds 1st ELECTRICAL CLAMPING SYSTEM based on low-profile clamps IS HERE! New OK-VISE ELVA concept is multi-purpose, resulting in a design which enables maximum flexibility in automation. In 2022 OK-VISE is launching the next step in the evolution of automated workholding. ELVA has been designed to be fully compatible with OK-VISE’s Fixturing Concept. ELVA stands for Extra Low Voltage Actuation Ensuring to easy and risk free installations. The core component is ELVA actuator, which does n connected to power supply whilst mac So power Easy to use: Simple plug & play automation and need for special expertise is avoided Quick to install: Radically shorter production ramp-up times than with traditional clamping automation Economica OK-VISE is a well-recognised international trademark. Our company is best known as the original inventor of the OK-VISE clamping method and manufacturer of low-profile clamps. OK-VISE low-profile clamps allow free access to the workpiece, they are free of play and possess extrem forc OK-VISE SPÄNNELEMENT sid 58 - 59